1. desidere:

    Recently yilduza has requested a tag which could be shared for all women who are attracted to other women, be they lesbians, bisexual, pan, etc - one that is shared and not already in use (e.g. #biphobia #sapphobia, #lesbophobia, etc). A tag for shared experiences which promotes…

    Thought my followers might be interested in this.


  2. lystrareid:

    "pansexual means ur attracted to the person not their gender uwu"

    damn. you caught me. the shady bisexual. exclusively attracted to gender. i dont give a shit about your personality. just show me your gender and i’ll fuck that.

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  3. Anonymous said: Is it okay for a bisexual to have a preferred gender?

    For sure its okay! it’s even common. there’s nothing about being bisexual that requires that you are attracted to every gender equally. for me personally, it changes over time, just like who I am attracted to changes over time. 

    You might be interested in the Kinsey scale, a way to identify your sexual orientation on a spectrum. It’s not perfect, but when I was just starting to get comfortable with my sexuality it helped me visualize some things. 

    You could argue that only people who are 3s are “actually” bisexual, but to me that seems silly. A 1 could technically identify as bi, but more than likely they identify as straight. Ultimately it is up to you:)


  4. cbeamsglitter:

    lmao just stumbled upon a ‘bi activism’ blog that actually has ‘complaining about monosexuals’ in its description and is all about mocking the concept of ‘bi privilege’ (which is actually a pretty valid thing in the context of bi people having certain privileges over gay…


  5. tommyistoofastforthisshit:

    Can we start, when teenage girls come out as bisexual, saying congratulations and then offering support and information instead of questioning them, laughing at them and saying they’re lying?

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  6. Anonymous said: i hope it's not wrong to say i appreciate how you don't hate on "monosexuals". it makes me feel like there's more intra-community solidarity and now i'm more confident we can increase that and support/fight for each other. just, thank you :)

    Thank you! This is exactly how I feel. We are the same community. 

    I feel like there’s a straight senator who opposes gay marriage looking at all the fights between bisexuals and lesbians and pansexuals, twirling his mustache and laughing like “yes, my plan to destroy the community from the inside is working.” 


  7. bi-privilege:


    bisexuals calling themselves gay/homosexual


    #like anyone else who isn’t gay calling themselves gay

    oh you mean like

    gay monosexuals referring to same-gender marriage and marriage equality as ‘gay marriage’

    gay monosexuals referring to laws…

    I’m going to have to disagree that using the term “gay marriage” is showing prejudice against bisexuals. If a bisexual marries another bisexual it is a gay/lesbian marriage, because to me the term before marriage refers to the genders of the participants involved and nothing else.
    What would you call a marriage between a bisexual woman married to a straight man? It doesn’t make everyone involved straight, but the marriage is.
    What would you call a marriage between a bisexual and a lesbian? I’d call it a gay marriage. The people who oppose gay marriage don’t care if the people married are bisexual or not, they hate you just the same.
    I don’t hate people who disagree with me on this, but I hope we can have a productive discussion and not a painful one.
    (Monosexism is a very unhelpful term, but that’s a whole nother post.)


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    Apparently bisexuality has been cissexist since the dawn of time because /apparently/ bisexual has been an identity since the Jurrasic era or something

    I think i missed that jurassic park

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  10. cellulitisplayerhater:

    the lesbian vs bi vs pan wars 

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